How Can We Responsibly Restore The Environment?

Because of the destructive and disastrous activities of human beings, the environment is on the verge of a major collapse. If you look outside, in a lot of countries, the air has become disastrously polluted. For example, the air quality in cities like Mumbai and New Delhi, in India or hazardous and very difficult to breathe in. Because of the negligent and pathetic activities of human beings, the environment is gravely suffering. Global warming is one of the most significant issues that the earth is facing, and our leaders are refusing to acknowledge them. People like Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, believe that global warming is a hoax. When we have world leaders who have no idea what the earth is going through, it is bound to lead to catastrophe.

The use of chemicals and the cutting down of trees in a rampant manner has led to the creation of very fragile ecosystems. We also continue to dump garbage in the ocean. The amount of garbage in the ocean is not to be ignored. It affects the wildlife, and it destroys the quality of the water. Millions of animals die by consuming garbage; that is why this has to be stopped.


We should do whatever we can to make sure that our ways are changed.

Firstly, we can start by restoring the water. Water is our most sacred resource, and we should treat it so. We should stop dumping of garbage in the ocean. We should incinerate any garbage that will not produce harmful fumes. Singapore is doing this. They incinerate all the garbage and the fumes that come out or actually good for the environment. We should also stop the pollution of our rivers. Rivers are a source of fresh water, and we should do everything we can to make sure that they are clean. Freshwater is a resource, and it should be treated so.

The years 2019 and 2020 saw the destruction of millions of acres of forest, because of wildfires and forest fires. We should do the right thing and start the restoration of forests. We should do everything we can to restore the millions of trees that were burnt down, because of human negligence. Almost 500,000,000 animals have lost their lives, because of the wildfires which were out of control. Even the air quality in places like Los Angeles and many other places in California have become dangerous, because of the smoke from the fires.

We should also do everything we can to restore the grasslands. Grasslands are rapidly disappearing, especially in places like the United States of America. Fish and wildlife services are trying to restore the grasslands, and we should do everything we can to do the same.