Causes of Ecosystem Damage and Its Restoration

A day across the city can put on clear display the primary sources of ecosystem damage. Plants, animals, and human beings are a part of the ecosystem that needs saving. Even the beautiful seascapes and landscapes form this whole picture of a planet that fosters life. But it is the most intelligent beings that have led to the destruction of the environment. Human activities leave massive carbon footprints, damaging the equilibrium of nature. Without every pillar of a safe ecosystem being intact, the standards will fall drastically to affect all the living beings. Various factors contribute to the extinction of certain species and further destruction of habitat. Let us look at some of the causes of ecosystem damage and its effective restoration measures.

Causes of Ecosystem Damage

Causes of Ecosystem Damage

·         Pollution

This is one of the major reasons for the decline of health in all living beings. Depletion of resources leads to pollution, and it also can affect the local animal populations. Carbon emissions, pesticides, and oil spills are the most common sources of pollution.

·         Climate Change

As the decades are passing by and the world is melting due to the heat, people are experiencing the worst phase. Climate change is still one of the main factors causing ecosystem damage. Increased temperatures and unnatural levels of acidity in oceans and seas are the effects of global warming.

·         Deforestation

With the increase in demand for more land, deforestation rose significantly. Many ecosystems have been wiped out due to these activities, leading to a dearth of natural resources.

·         Population Imbalance

Another major factor affecting the balance of the ecosystem is the extinction of several species of animals and plants. Humans hunt down animals and simply cut down trees for personal uses, conveniently overlooking the need to maintain the balance of nature.

Solutions to the Damage

·         Stop Shedding of Trees

The first thing every community must practice is lesser reliance on natural resources. Wood and animals are essential resources, but they shouldn’t be exhausted. It is our duty to stop deforestation as much as possible. We cannot afford to cut down the trees anymore as the planet is on the verge of annihilation. Afforestation must be practiced and promoted across the globe to fill the lands with more greenery for every living being to find its own habitat.

·         Fines or Punishment

Every illegal activity must be charged with a fine or punished for. The adverse ecological consequences are caused by human activities; so, government regulations have to be changed to stop the people practicing deforestation and other acts of vandalism.

·        Do Your Part

Every small action can act as the fundamental piece to a greater future. The activities you can get involved in are repairing creek beds, wetlands, and other habitats. You could also eradicate invasive growths, plan rain gardens, replace turf grass with natural species, and monitor your nearby habitats to ensure the safety of the plants.